Get Your Love Life Back on Track Consultation


Are you a business owner or professional man noticing high stress levels and lower energy are impacting your love life health and relationships?


Are you experiencing frustration because the intimacy just isn't there?  One on one time has gotten less and less. You used to make time for each other. You'd go on date nights. Now they are sporadic at best or even worse, have evaporated from your life altogether. You are noticing friends getting divorced and you don't want that to be you.

You've tried everything that you know of to make things, romantic gestures, trips, even had the "talk." Everything seems to go in one ear and out the other and all it does is cause friction. And still nothing changes.

It's as though kids and everything else are put first and you and your needs are last.

It seems like she's not attracted to you like she once even wonder and question yourself - is there a possibility she might be seeing someone else? You hastily tell yourself she's so busy taking care of the family, household and everything else...that would never happen. You long for an embrace, some display of affection to affirm that you are still wanted and attractive to her.

You put on a good show pretending you are happy and from the outside it looks like you have everything together....on the inside, it's a mess-emotionally and physically.

You immerse yourself in work or something else, so you don't have to think about it. Stress is taking its toll. You aren't sleeping well, your energy level is dwindling. Your body isn't functioning properly-aches and pains (or worse) are showing up. Your focus is subpar.

You tell yourself if I could just improve this part of  my life, I could manage my stress level better and it would decrease. It just isn't happening.


Deep down, you know you want the passion back. You want the spontaneity back. You want to have the energy and enjoyment and be able to share meaningful time with your loved ones and family.


Hi, Im Dianne Dougherty. A Love coach. Registered Nurse and Holistic Professional. I help business owners and professional men (and women) get their love lives back on track. I've created a special system to help them feel revitalized in every area. I understand the frustration, loneliness and resentment that happens when you aren't able to connect with your partner. That sinking feeling of "what's wrong and why can't I fix this" that turns into hopelessness mixed with a bit of despair. Part of you starts draining away. It's agonizing. You've been patient. Everything you've tried hasn't worked. You are open to new ideas and approach. You want to overcome this challenge. You are ready to reclaim the power, vitality and zest that is missing from your life.

That's why you're here.


Think of all of the solutions you've tried. The frustration and friction you've felt in your relationship. Wanting things to get better and be better and nothing's worked. What if you could receive the guidance you needed to turn this aspect of your life around. What if you no longer had to figure things out on your own? What would it mean to you to get your love life back on track and have the intimate relationship you desire?


It is possible to experience more love and intimacy, lessen your stress and live a happy, healthy life with fulfilling relationships now.




Results from people who have worked with Dianne:


“I had excessive urination, swollen prostate & difficulty passing water. These problems are gone.” M.M.~England


“Working with Dianne was priceless. I didn’t realize how depleted I had become since as typical man I’m always doing so much for others while ignoring myself. In working with Dianne I never felt judged. She is intuitive and knows what to do. She’s helped me to relax. I now feel more loved and fully received. A deep appreciation to Dianne.” J.O~ California  


“I was feeling depressed and barely able to drag myself out of bed most mornings. Doctors were set to put me on anti-depressants. After working with Dianne, I am no longer depressed and I am NOT on antidepressants. I’m getting out of bed at 530 in the morning without an alarm, and my confidence level is higher than ever. Thanks, Dianne. I am blessed to have found you. You have helped me more than you know.”~N. Ohio


“I started walking and doing Zumba exercise with my wife. This is a first! And my relationship is better with my challenging son. I was actually able to sit down and talk with him and help him with his homework without getting frustrated. I am continuing to lose weight. This has NEVER happened before. Thank you, Dianne. This is tremendous. I am so grateful.”~Ken ~Ohio


“We had given up all hope of any type of reconciliation. My partner had a very cold relationship with his Father and not spoken with his Mother for 3 full years, even though we only live 5 minutes apart. This was really an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. Not only have we shared walks and meals together as a family, my partner now visits his mother daily and talks with her for hours. This is like a miracle.”~D~Italy


My stress and anxiety levels were at an all time high. I was on meds and not able to sleep except maybe 2-3 hrs a night. My work life, intimate life and family relationships were drastically declining. Working and coaching together with you, Dianne has been totally life altering. I am no longer on medications. I am sleeping 7-8 hrs a night. My success at work has been phenomenal. I am focused and able to concentrate. I am spending less time on the job because I get more done. Most of all, my relationships have dramatically improved especially with my wife and kids. I am happy again and the love making is getting better all the time. My wife even commented! I can tell there is a new level of respect now that wasn't there before. I'll be the first to admit-I was skeptical that anything could be done or that circumstances would change. Now I’m a believer. LB~Ohio


We were on the verge of separate bedrooms for 15 yrs and no signs of intimacy whatsoever. I can’t thank you enough, Dianne. Everything has changed. My wife is no longer my enemy, she is my ally. My performance issues are gone. Doctors warned me that it was highly unlikely I would ever recover in this area...and I am happy to say that I have. Thank you Dianne. T.M.~Ohio


So Let's Look at Your Entire Love Life.

This is the call for you if you are having difficulties in these areas: 

  • Sex Life/Intimacy
  • Relationships
  • Personal Power

During this 30 minute private consultation call you'll receive:

  • Clarity
  • Direction
  • Best Way to Move Forward

So you can stop spinning your wheels and wasting valuable time energy resources attempting to figure things out...and have what matters to you most in your love life. 

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