Have the Relationship that You Want

Many men I speak with tell me all about the relationship that they want.

Good sex for sure is included in that relationship.

And good sex becomes great when they feel wanted and desired by their woman.

Within this raw real physical coupling....this physical merging....

There's an intangible piece that deep down they know that they want.....

That provides a strength or a glue...

That may be missing right now from their relationship.

Can they define or explain it?

Not always.

When we dig a little deeper....what we find....along with respect and appreciation... what they truly want is a deep emotional connection and bond.

An attraction and companionship that stirs them.

Compels them.

They want to feel the excitement and passion in their body and be able to communicate and extend that with/to their partner and sense that desire being returned to them.

They want to feel an openness and a knowing that their partner is with them...and for them.

Every step of the way.

It's a dance.

It's a turn on.






Back and forth.










And if by chance that connection may be "off" or slips in the wrong direction...

They want to be able to course correct...confidently...without missing a beat.

Easily change things up....


Feeling the power.

From all directions.

From her.

From within.



All over.

All while having it be natural.

Natural as breathing.


So they will tell me about their desire.

This deep desire. This deep yearning.

It is good. Very very good.

And then something happens.

For whatever reason....many stop.

(Or they never start.)

Or they only go so far.

Or they talk and talk and talk about it.

Or think and think and think about it.

Without ever implementing any action.

To have the relationship that you want you have to do what it takes.

Doing what it takes may look like:

Getting out of your comfort zone.

Asking for and receiving expert help.

Implementing the right action(s)....consistently.

Eliminating complacency.

Evolving and refining yourself to become better.....

A better man.

A better lover.

A better person. Period.

If you don't go after what you want, you will never have it.


Sometimes what you are doing isn't working.

Other times you don't know what to do.

The bottom line is this:

To have the relationship that you want means you have choice in the matter.

In one way or another you get to choose to:

Be open.

Take the risk.

Do what it takes.

Reap the rewards.


Or not.......


Ask Yourself:

Am I willing?

Will I go for it?

What is stopping me?

Have the Relationship that You Want.

If you don't go after what you want you will never have it.

It's never too late.

No excuses.




Take Inspired Action.


Here's to you having the relationship you want.

...In your life.

...In all of it's glory.

Go get it!