Introductory Consultation

During this 30 minute consultation I will help you discover:

Your most pressing issue, what stresses you out the most, the goals you want to achieve and I will tell you how you can work with me further.

All Sales Final.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy:

Cancellation/rescheduling for any reason

Requires a 48 hour courtesy notice.

Otherwise your time with me is forfeited and there is a $50 rescheduling fee.


“I am lasting longer and having some of the most powerful orgasms of my LIFE after coaching with Dianne. I feel more confident and the stamina and amount of energy I have is amazing.”~TJ~Chicago

“I was experiencing premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and feeling pretty down and anxious. After coaching with you Dianne, I can honestly say I am having some of the strongest erections I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you. My confidence has soared.”~LJ~Ohio

“Dianne's coaching has helped me so I can just really focus being together with my partner. There are no words to even describe the pleasure for both of us. I am able to last as long as I want, have multiple orgasms AND choose when I want to release. There is no pressure to perform. I have never experienced control like this. It's powerful.”~AP~Ohio

“Working with Dianne was priceless. I didn’t realize how depleted I'd become. As a man I’m always doing so much for others while ignoring myself. In working with Dianne I never felt judged. She is intuitive and knows what to do. She’s helped me to relax. I now feel more loved and fully received. A deep appreciation to Dianne.”~J.O~ California

"We were on the verge of divorce-Nothing was working. After coaching with Dianne everything changed. My wife and I have a better relationship. We’re doing things together again. My performance issues are gone" ~ T.M. ~Ohio

"My stress and anxiety levels were at an all time high. I was unable to sleep except maybe 2-3 hours a night. Coaching has helped my relationships dramatically improve with my wife and kids. I'm happy again, sleeping 7-8 hours and able to handle my stress." LB~Ohio

“Over the last several days a lot has changed. Not the least of which is long conversations with my wife. We’re having some very honest and connected communication.” ~LH~AZ

“My relationship is better with my son. I was able to sit down and talk with him and help him with his homework without getting frustrated. I am continuing to lose weight. I started walking and doing Zumba exercise with my wife.”~KM~Ohio