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      Are you a Business owner or Professional Man

who is experiencing

high stress levels low energy

and notice It's impacting your Love Life and relationships?


    Hi, I am Dianne Dougherty.

I'm a Love Coach. Registered Nurse. Holistic Professional

I Help Business Owners and Professional Men Get their Love Lives Back on Track.


Reclaim your power zest and vitality for life.

Are you frustrated because the intimacy is missing from your life?

Are you ready for happy loving relationships filled with passion and spontaneity?

Is stress taking its just don't feel as well as you'd like?

I have created a special process to help men (and women) reclaim their personal power,  get their love lives back on track and feel revitalized in all areas of life.

It is possible to experience more love and intimacy, lessen stress


lead a happy, healthy life with fulfilling relationships now.


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Together we can assess what the next best step is for YOU.

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