I now Help Business Owners and Professional Men Get their Love Lives Back on Track but it wasn't always this way.

I found myself stressed, tired overworked and overwhelmed after 26 years of hospital nursing and I made a decision to step aside to reclaim and rebuild my own life and energy. I found myself being called to an even bigger mission of healing and helping others holistically so that people can live a life filled with deep love, intimacy and happy fulfilling relationships.

As you can see I have been a devoted caregiver all of my life. I lovingly cared for the patients at Mercy Medical Center in Canton Ohio where I specialized in the areas of Intensive Care, Intravenous Therapy and Hospice. I obtained my Bachelor of Science (BSN) nursing degree from Kent State University too.

It was while serving people and watching them struggle, heal and even die in hospice that I re-discovered the insight and truth that “Everything is Energy.”

I remembered that I could see the energy patterns around the trees, clouds and flowers while growing up. I was able to witness and sense the state of energetic disruption and disconnection within my patients and coworkers.

This inspired me to study various forms of energy healing and empowerment tools. I also studied spirituality, sexuality, love and intimacy. I've merged my gifts of energy empowerment and balancing within a powerful holistic healing framework.

Harnessing and cultivating the creative life energy to maximize health and well-being is important.

Leading happy lives filled with deep love and passion is vital.


Are you ready to become an Empowered Man, get your love life back on track and enjoy happy fulfilling relationships? 

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